To book online, visit the Book a hotel or Home page. Once your booking is complete, we’ll send you a confirmation email with all your details and a reference number. If this doesn’t answer your question please contact us.

You can make bookings up to 12 months in advance.

You seem to have encountered a technical problem. We apologise for the inconvenience – please contact us.

When you make your booking, you’ll be given a reference number. We’ll include this number in your confirmation email.

If you haven’t got a booking reference due to a technical problem or because you’ve mislaid it, please contact us.

We’ll need your credit card details to guarantee your room. All details are stored securely and we won’t charge you for cancellations, but all cancellation charges are subject to the terms and conditions of the booking type made. Please check your confirmation for these details. Cancellations made after the specified cancellation time will result in the full amount per room booked being charged to your card in line with the cancellation terms and conditions attached to your booking.

Yes – if you want to book 10 rooms or more, please contact us.

Most of our hotels have well-equipped, great value meeting facilities. To find out if the hotel you’ve chosen has a meeting room, and to obtain the telephone number to contact the hotel, please check on our hotels page for more information.

We can arrange for an airport pickup and even drop you to the airport for an additional fee. For more information please contact us.